The Green Schools Programme

We were awarded our latest Green Flag for Global Citizenship; Litter and Waste after a visit from Lorraine (An Taisce) in March 2020. A huge thank you to all helped make our school a cleaner place. We had lots of Litter Walks, ‘spring cleans’ and all classes learned more about being a global citizen and how to recycle and compost properly. During those two years on working towards the flag,  we raised awareness on how looking after our environment aids people all over the world, integrated the Global Citizenship Litter & Waste ethos into our wider Green-Schools programme and made an improvement in the Litter & Waste management in our school.

Our next flag will be Global Citizenship - Energy


We are currently working towards receiving the ‘Global Citizenship: Litter and Waste’ flag. We are learning how to recycle, reduce and reuse. Our motto is ‘STOP, THINK, RECYCLE’. We are also learning about Global Aid in other countries as part of our journey.

We were awarded our Biodiversity Green Flag in June 2018. We learned how important all living things are in our world. We learned how to look after our world, so that all creatures can live in a safe environment.

‘Green-Schools’, known internationally as ‘ Eco-Schools’, is an international environmental education programme, environmental management system and award scheme that promotes and acknowledges long-term, whole school action for the environment. The programme is very worthwhile; making pupils, staff, parents and the wider community more aware of our environment. We learn many valuable lessons which will stay with us for life; helping us to conserve and take care of our planet. Green-Schools covers many different aspects of the environment. Each year a committee is formed representing the school. Their job is to facilitate the implementation of new schemes and ideas, which will help our environment. Every two years we have been awarded a Green Flag for the various themes. Once awarded a particular flag, the work continues for each theme, as we aim for the next flag. We are currently working towards receiving the Biodiversity flag. We are learning about our environment and the importance of all living things.

Litter and waste was the first flag we received in June 2006. The aim was to recycle, reuse and compost as much as you can, in order to reduce waste going to landfill.

  Energy was the second theme the school undertook during the Green-Schools programme. We took steps to reduce our energy consumption at home and at school. We were awarded the flag in May 2010.
We received the flag for Water in June 2012.Our aim was to reduce the amount of water we use unnecessarily every day by making a few simple changes to our daily routines

We received the flag for Travel in June 2015. The aim was to reduce carbon emissions and pollution by walking, cycling, carpooling or taking public transport more often. We enjoyed our COW and WOW days immensely.


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