SFI Curious Minds Award

Our school has achieved an SFI Curious Minds Award. They have evaluated our Log of Evidence and are satisfied that we have met all the criteria for the Gold Award.
Our school has provided evidence of children's engagement with STEM in the following areas:





STEM Showcase

Here is some feedback on our Log of Evidence:

"Congratulations to An Grianán National School on achieving an SFI Curious Minds Gold Award.
The log of evidence was set out well with all images illustrating the learners' hands-on learning. There was evidence to support each of the steps outlined in the award criteria. There is evidence of integration across subject areas helping to make the STEM subjects more meaningful, and connected to the learners' lived experience. The school noticeboard's visual display of the activities undertaken in Dún An Sí was very impressive and shows the amazing amount of learning that took place. The learners' written work and displays of data show that the learners in An Grianán National School can apply scientific methods to their investigations.
Well done to all the learners and teachers, and the rest of the school community in An Grianán National School for all the fantastic STEM work."

World Daily Mile

The World Daily Mile took place in An Grianán NS on Thursday 27th April.

This mass virtual event saw schools from all over the world joining together to run, jog, wheel or walk for 15 minutes.

Whilst making our children fitter and healthier, it also has huge social and emotional benefits too.

Check out our website for video clips and photos.

The Irish Minor Schools Swimming Championship

Saoirse Lynam and Aimee Greene represented the school at The Irish Minor Schools Championships on 25 March 2023 at the National Aquatic Centre, Dublin.

Saoirse Lynam was placed 10th in Ireland in freestyle and 12th in Butterfly.

Aimee Greene was placed 5th in backstroke and 4th in Butterfly.

The Irish Junior Chess Championship

Bedhbh Doolin came 1st in girls U14 and Nemhain Doolin came 1st in girls U12 in the Irish Junior Chess Championship in Dublin on March 31st. 

Wellbeing Week - March 20-24th 2023

Happiness Day was on Monday March 20th and  it marked the beginning of our Wellbeing and Mental Health Week.

Wellbeing Week and Mental Health Week includes:

Mindful Monday(20th),

Thankful Tuesday(21st),

Wellness Wednesday(22nd),

Triumphant Thursday(23rd)

Feel Good Friday(24th).

This is one of the requirements of the Amber Flag Initiative.  We have a fun packed timetable for the week in line with the remainder of our Amber Flag goals to include Music, Drama, Sport to include the Daily Mile, Yoga and Fitness Classes, Art, Cookery and Health Eating Reading to include stories regarding Wellbeing and DEAR ( Drop Everything and Read), Meditation and Mindfulness (DREAM- Drop Everything and Meditate), Gardening-Planting and Wellbeing and lots lots more! Many thanks to  Annette Corkery from Heritage Ireland will be delivering Wellbeing Workshops through Garden Activities and to Peter Crann for Samba Drumming Workshops.

We are expecting some special guests during the week to include Lorna Farrell (Artist and Librarian)and Olivia Douglas ( Country and Western Singer) who have kindly agreed to visit our school in a voluntary capacity also. All pupils in our school are currently learning Olivia’s  song ‘ A Hug or Two’. Sincere thanks to Parents both past and present who have volunteered to share their talents and expertise with our pupils this week- to Michael Greene and Dermot Claffey (Fitness Classes), Nessa Robbins ( Cookery and Health Eating Workshops- See recipes attached)and Shane Carroll ( Football ). We are most grateful for you giving up your free time. We welcome our past pupils from Moate Community School- Ella Mullarney, Sarah- Jane Hasson and Hannah Buckley who are also helping us with Wellbeing and Mental Health Week. Our Wellbeing Warriors are very busy this week also doing a great job promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing in our school.

Every pupil is required to wear their uniform tracksuit every day this week. If possible can all pupils bring a glass jar with a lid and beads, buttons from home for a wellness activity on Thursday.

Tomorrow is World Down Syndrome Day .The World Down Syndrome 2023 theme is 'We Decide'. We want all pupils to Rock your Socks all and wear odd socks to celebrate this special day.

Each child in the school will be participating in a poster competition ‘Be Kind to your Mind’. There are four €20.00 Smyths vouchers to be won. The categories are as follows:

  • Junior and Senior Infants,
  • First and Second Class,
  • Third and Fourth Class
  • Fifth and Sixth Class

In the interest of fairness, I have an independent person with no connection to the school with an interest in Wellbeing and Art to judge the entries.

Homework and Home/School Wellbeing Links : There is no written homework , tests or regular homework this week. Hopefully it will give you a welcome break for your Wellbeing also. We request that pupils complete a Wellbeing activity at home as outlined in the Bingo Card sent home. On completion of the activity, pupils colour the box with the task he/she completed. Pupils must complete at least one task per evening but may do more if he/she so wishes. Please take photos of these tasks when completed at home ( from The Bingo Cards) and send  to our designated Amber Flag email address at the bottom of the BINGO card as this will go towards achieving our Amber Flag goals( Home/School links). You may send other photos of Wellbeing activities your child is engaging with this week also eg. dance class, music class, book club etc).


Blue Star Programme and MEP Visit

In our school, we are putting our best foot for Europe as 3rd and 6th Class are working collaboratively on The Blue Star Programme. This initiative teaches primary school pupils about European cultures and the EU through creative activities and projects which complement the national primary curriculum. This initiative is led by Ms. Killian. Ms. Killian had the opportunity to visit the European Parliament in Brussels last year.  The aim of the Programme is to foster a better understanding and knowledge of Europe and how it affects the lives of Irish citizens among Irish primary pupils in a curriculum-friendly manner. This programme’s motto is ‘Let’s Get Creative About Europe'.

There are four core learning pillars of the Programme:

  • Historical
  • Geographical
  • Cultural & Creative
  • Institutional

The pupils in Mr. Reilly and Ms. Killian’s class have been very busy learning about World War 2, the cultural and linguistic diversity of Europe the role of the EU: what it does and how its work affects the lives of European citizens;

Anne Frank, Pablo Picasso , Leonardo di Vinci, European Landmarks, The European Parliament, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, The Vikings, Ode to Joy ( The European National Anthem) and lots, lots more! Both classes are benefiting immensely from working collaboratively together. Each child in 3rd and 6th Class are working on a project on an EU country. Examples of elements that are included in this project are describing or illustrating a country’s flag, capital city, population, language, food , fashion and what it is famous for, and its similarities and differences to Ireland.

Recently, we had a student, Lisa Carbot from Rodez in France on work experience for a week in Ms. Killian’s class. The pupils enjoyed learning the Days of the Week, the Months of the year and the numbers in French. They also learned all about French culture. Mr. Reilly’s class had the opportunity to learn French also with Ms.Costello and Ms.Couglan from Moate Community School.

Additional Elements to the Blue Star Programme:

  • Civic Society Element
  • Europe Day which we will celebrate in May
  • VIP Visits

Recently we had a VIP visit from Maria Walsh MEP as a result of an invitation from Ms. Killian on behalf of 3rd and 6th Class. On the day the pupils interacted with Maria and asked her some very interesting questions. She also spoke to them about Wellbeing. She was joined by Cllr John Dolan and Cllr Tom Farrell. Articles featured both in the Athlone Topic and the Westmeath Independent of the visit. This was a very enjoyable day for all concerned. (see photos in gallery)

2022-2023 marks a significant year,  50 years since Ireland signed the Treaty of Accession under which it joined the European Communities (EU 50).

Spring has sprung at An Grianán NS, Mount Temple

The pupils of An Grianán NS have been busy this week creating their new garden and outdoor classroom. An initiative kick-started by a very successful fundraiser organised by the school’s Parents Association saw enough funds raised to equip an outdoor classroom with tables and seating for pupils and raised beds for each class to grow their own, flowers, fruit and vegetables. Working alongside Annette Corkery from Heritage in Schools, Biodiversity Ireland and the Creative Schools Initiative, pupils lead by their student council agreed upon all the design elements of their garden. This tranquil and creative space with a stunning woodland backdrop will open up a completely new opportunity for learning. Trees on the Land made a generous donation of native trees, which pupils planted this week with great enthusiasm. Each pupil planted their own hawthorn along with a wish they had written on paper, filling two spiral trenches dug expertly by the senior classes of the school. This exercise created huge excitement and gave all pupils a sense of involvement in the project. Planting of native apple, oak, birch and mountain ash trees along with a willow weaved dome and tunnel will complete the outdoor area. This will provide an inspiring creative and sensory space to develop curricular skills in even more creative ways. A fine example of how this school thinks beyond the curriculum and engages children outside of the classroom, connecting them with nature and promoting sustainability in a future generation. (see photos in gallery)

(written by Grainne Matthews- member of the Parents’ Association)

SEAI Workshops Thursday 2nd February & Friday 3rd February 2023

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland offered free junior and
senior primary workshops.  These workshops were classroom based and
explored the topic of energy and sustainability in a fun and engaging
way.  The junior classes met Guzzler the puppet and helped him learn
about saving energy at home and school.  The senior workshops explored
renewable and non renewable energy and was very interactive with
classroom games, quizzes and experiments.   All students also explored
and discussed where we get our energy from.

The Daily Mile

The Daily Mile is a social physical activity, with children running, jogging or wheeling- at their own pace- in the fresh air with friends.  Children can occasionally walk to catch their breath, if necessary, but aim to run, jog or wheel for the full 15minutes.  The aim of the Daily Mile is to improve the physical, social, emotional and mental health and well being of our children regardless of age, ability or personal circumstances.  The Daily Mile begain in An Grianán NS in October 2022 with all children taking part in this initiative.  Noel, our school caretaker marked out the football pitch to show the mile circuit.  During the day, all classes go out to the pitch and try to complete the mile circuit together as a class.

Our aim in this school is that the Daily Mile will improve all children's fitness, build leg strength and improve body composition.  This initiative will also help children achieve a third of WHO's  recommended daily physical activity target.  In our school, The Daily Mile is co-ordinated by Ms.Curran  with all teachers and children taking part.  Healhty Body, Healthy MInd.

Team Hope

Team Hope is an Irish, Christian and child-focused international development organisation.  It was founded in 2010 and its aim is to help chidlren in Africa and Eastern Europe, who are affected by poverty or marginalisation.  Each year, Team Hope organises a Christmas Shoebox Appeal.  This is where children in Ireland make showboxes filled with various items to give to a child in a vulnerable country for Christmas.  Items which can be included in the boxes are the 4W's- write, wash,wear and wow.

In An Grianán NS, we have been taking part in the Team Hope Christmas Shoeboxes since 2012.  Over the years, we have donated hundreds of boxes.  This initiative is co-ordinated by teachers, Ms. Aine Curran & Ms.Anna Cahalin.  This year was very successful with 96 shoeboxes collected and delivered to the depot in Mullingar.  We hope our Christmas Showboxes will bring happiness and fun to many children's lives.  Thank you to all the parents and children who took part.

5th Class Museum

5th class brought in old artefacts they found at home and presented them to their class. They then put their pieces on display in a Museum in the hall.

All classes were given an opportunity to visit the museum on Friday 11th November. (see photos in Gallery)

Green School Energy Awards

The Green Schools Energy Art Competition awards were presented to the following winners:

Junior Infants- Isolde Matthews, Donie Buckley & Stella Cleary

Senior Infants- Liam Donnelly, Pippa Flanagan & Ciara Dolan

1st- Leni Tyrrell, Oisín Smith & Juanita Smith

2nd - Ellen Campbell, Zoe Conlon & Sophie Keating

The Green Schools Energy Poetry Competition awards were presented to the following winners:

3rd- Alison White, Ellie Mae Harney & Oisín Murphy

4th - Jonathan Jensen, Grace Hallissy & Katie Claffey

5th - Nemhain Doolin, Kate Corcoran & Gerard Norton

6th - Cathal Casey, Grace Berry & Bedhbh Doolin (see gallery for photos)

Mini Olympics

We honoured the twenty athletes who represented the school in the Mini Olympics in TUS earlier in the month.  The winning athletes were presented with their medals

Bronze- 100m- 5th Class girls Kate Corcoran

Silver- 400m- 4th Class girls Aimee Greene

Gold- 100m- 4th class boys Daniel Casey

Gold-100m- 4th class girls Lexi Grady

Gold- 200m- 4th class girls Tara Ledwith (see gallery for photos)

Student Council

For our monthly Assembly we celebrated the election of our officers for our first ever Students Council.  Our student council officers presented their speeches to the whole school.  

Our Student Council members are

6th  Brian Moran, Emma Allen O'Loughlin, Molly Keating & Grace Berry. 

5th  Kyle Mason & Kate Corocran 

4th  Abigail Kelly & Charlie Buckley

3rd Farah Fox, Ellie Mae Harney, Ryan Mc Cormack & Cian Buckley

2nd Zoe Buckley & Jude Kelly

1st Maedhbh Matthews, Rory Claffey & Keelan Fox   (see gallery for photos)


An Grianán NS has been a hive of Halloween Activity all week with Halloween baking , art, writing, tricks and treats, topped off this morning by our Sppoky Halloween Walk down the village and up through the Golf Course.

Well done to the children (and parents) who put so much effort into their costumes (see gallery for photos)

Sixth class organised Halloween Games in the hall with Junior Infants, Senior Infants, 1st & 2nd Classes (see gallery for photos)

Dates for Sacraments;

Communion: 6th May 12:00pm

Confirmation 27th May 2:00pm

Music: Commencing November 7th 

Tin whistle lessons for all children from 1st - 6th with outside music teacher Karen Mc Cormack €1 per lesson per child.

Cumann na mBunscol

Our boys and girls have commenced training and matches and have a number of games scheduled for the coming weeks.

Maths Week this week - the pupils are busy doing Maths activities, workshops and webinars!! Check out mathsweek.ie for more resources and online workshops for parents!

As part of our Green Flag Initiative, all classes are taking part in a Art/Poetry competition based on the theme of Energy. The Committee are meeting fortnightly and share regular updates with their classes.

Heritage Ireland School Visit 19th and 20th October 2022

Annette Corkery https://www.heritageinschools.ie/heritage-expert/profile/annette-corkery

9:30-10:15               1st/2nd                Minibeasts/exploring the outdoor environment

10:15 - 11:00            2nd/3rd               Minibeasts/exploring the outdoor environment (The Mount)

11:20 - 12:20            4th                       Animal habitats around our school

1:00 - 2:00                5th                      Class & Green schools committee: Biodiversity/Green flag

2:00 - 3:00                6th                      Exploring the outdoor environment- The Mount

Thursday 13th October: Cash for Clobber Clothes Collection at the main school gate.

Athletics: Mini- Olympics on Tuesday 11th October

All children from 4th - 6th class competed in 100m, 200m, 400m & 6th class competed in 800m. The winning athletes went on to compete in the interschools Olympics in TUS.  Thanks to all our local schools for taking part and to all who helped out on the day.

5th October 2022- Launch of our Amber Flag Project on Wellbeing with the Army Band playing in Corpus Christi Church, Mount Temple


Paddy Mullalley is training classes 2nd, 4th, 5th & 6th class girls and boys

GAA Coaching:

Damien Maher is training junior/senior infants, 1st/2nd, 2nd/3rd and 6th class boys and girls .

Student Council

Elections are taking place in each class from 1st -6th.  Those elected will be giving their speech at the next Assembly.

22nd Sept: Monthly Assembly:

Drama presentation from 6th Class to raise awareness of Anti Bullying at Senior Assembly (3rd - 6th Classes).  

We all play together routines reinforced at Junior Assembly (Jun infants - 2nd classes).

Tuesday 13th September 3-5p.m.

First Aid Training completed by all staff in conjunction with Athlone Education Centre.

SNA's completed online training in 'How to manage Asthma in schools'

Wellbeing Retreats: 

7th September 2022 Full day bonding retreat for 2nd Class 

27th September 2022 full day bonding retreat for 6th class 

All Wellbeing retreats facilitated by Fr Joe Mc Grath & Throwfire in Mount Temple Community Hall.

Opening of School Year Mass was held on Friday 23rd September

Coffee morning for parents of the New Junior Infants on August 31st hosted by the  Sp Ed Team 



Lá Glas 2023 - click here to view

World Daily Mile Day - click here to view

Christmas 22 Nativity Play and Carol Service - click here to view

4th Class Trip to the Áras

MEP Maria Walshe visits An Grianán for the Blue Star Programme

Paschal O'Dohoghue visits An Grianán and meets 3rd & 6th Classes


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